Find Out How To Plan A Wedding With Our Bride's Wedding Planning Timeline


Find Out How To Plan A Wedding With Our Bride's Wedding Planning Timeline

Planning a wedding, although really fun and exciting, can be pretty overwhelming. Between setting a date, picking your vendors and narrowing down your guest list, taking care of yourself is often forgotten. That's why I came up with this easy to follow bride's wedding planning timeline. Of course there are plenty of other tasks I could have added to this wedding planning guide, but these are the biggies (aka don't skip these). A quick and easy way to make sure you will walk down the aisle as a confident and beautiful bride! 

Wedding planning to do list for 12 months (or more) before:
  • Decide who you want to be your bridesmaid and ask "will you be my bridesmaid"
  • Celebrate with your friends any family now that you are engaged, sip some champs and enjoy your engagement party!

  • Wedding planning to do list for 10 months before:
  • Start your wedding workout routine
  • Say 'yes to the dress' and order your wedding dress
  • Plan for your engagement photos

  • Wedding planning to do list for 8 months before:
  • Order your bridesmaid dresses
  • Pick out and order your bridal accessories
  • Pick out your wedding shoes

  • Wedding planning to do list for 6 months before:
  • Shop 'till you drop! You're going to need a whole bunch of outfits and accessories so I would definitely start looking now.
  • Pick out bridal shower dresses, a bachelorette dress, a rehearsal dress and of course a few new honeymoon outfits.

  • Wedding planning to do list for 2-4 months before:
  • Book your wedding hair and wedding makeup artist and start doing trials
  • Schedule your wedding dress fittings
  • Pick out and order your bridesmaid gifts
  • Schedule your bridals
  • Take a break from wedding planning and let your friends and family pamper you at your bridal shower

  • Wedding planning to do list for 1 month before:
  • Start breaking in your wedding shoes by wearing them around the house
  • Talk to your dentist about whitening your teeth
  • Spend some much needed girl time with your besties and enjoy your bachelorette party

  • Wedding planning to do list for 1-2 weeks before:
  • Get your hair touched up and trimmed about 2 weeks before the big day
  • Have your eye brows professionally done
  • Get your engagement ring cleaned so it sparkles beautifully on your wedding day!

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