10 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas


10 will you be my bridesmaid ideas | Click for tips on how to ask bridesmaids...


So you've figured out who you want to be your bridesmaid and maid of honor, but now you're stuck on how to ask. Perfect! Asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding is easy and fun with these 'will you be my bridesmaid ideas'. 

Use one of these sayings on a card or put together a little 'will you be my bridesmaid' gift box. If you're not the DIY type, don't worry! There are lots of will you be my bridesmaid ideas already made, ready to give as your gift. I found pinterest to be a great place for finding 'how to ask bridesmaid' gifts.

While searching for your gifts, one thing to think about is the cost (because this is just the beginning of the large amounts of money you'll be spending to plan your wedding). What I recommend is doing a nice card for bridesmaids and a gift to ask 'will you be my maid of honor'.  

Step 1: Pick your favorite saying from my 'will you be my bridesmaid ideas' and write it out in a nice card to ask your bridesmaids.

Step 2: To ask 'will you be my maid of honor', consider buying an actual gift like this will you be my maid of honor gift set

How will you be asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding? I want to hear your proposal stories, leave a comment and share your ideas with me!

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