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Bridesmaid gift ideas made easy...Is bridesmaid jewelry a good gift?

Bridesmaid gift ideas made easy...Is bridesmaid jewelry a good gift?

Short answer...yes! Have you recently wondered what to give as bridesmaid gifts and then wondered if jewelry was a good gift idea? You're not alone, lots of brides ask me for bridesmaid gift ideas, they think giving bridesmaid jewelry would be a good idea, but they just aren't sure. Honestly, I think it's the perfect gift!

1- Your wedding pictures will look that much better... And no, this is not selfish of you to want your bridesmaids to look good on your wedding day. By gifting them their bridesmaid jewelry you can be sure each girl looks exactly as you envisioned, where as if you let them pick out their own jewelry, the end result could look like a complete disaster. Just because you are best friends with the girls you picked to be your bridesmaids, does not mean their personal style is going to be in line with the vision you have for your wedding day. 

2- Treating them to something nice... Gifting bridesmaid jewelry is the perfect opportunity to update and upgrade their jewelry collection. I'm not taking about going to Claire's and buying the cheapest jewelry set you can find. Your friend can buy costume jewelry on her own! No, we're talking about investing in something a little more expensive, a special piece of jewelry that makes your bridesmaid excited about standing up in your wedding. Us women, we have no problem picking out costume jewelry to wear every day, but when it comes to investing in higher quality jewelry that can be worn for special occasions...well, we usually neglect to invest! High quality jewelry is often given as a gift and as the bride this is the perfect way for you to show your appreciation. 

3- They'll actually wear it again... If you pick out something more than cheap costume jewelry, your bridesmaids will actually want to wear their jewelry again! They will love having this more expensive, quality piece of jewelry. It's something they wanted, but wouldn't buy for themselves. Unlike some of the other bridesmaid gifts out there...I mean come on, do you think your friend is actually going to carry around that bag that has "bridesmaid" screen printed on it? Sure, it's cute on your wedding day and she'll use it that day, but it's most likely not her style and it's going to end up in a ball in the back of her closet. Why waste your money on such gimmicky things!

4- Two for one... To answer your question about bridesmaid gifts, yes, bridesmaid jewelry is a great idea because you both win! Your bridesmaids will look that much more beautiful on your wedding day (win for you) and they will now have a special, high end piece of jewelry that they probably would not have bought for themselves (win for them). 

Not sure what kind of bridesmaid jewelry to give? 

My brides enjoy giving jewelry that makes a statement, usually a more high end necklace. The bridesmaid jewelry they give makes them look like a pretty good gift giver! If you're wondering what jewelry you should give your bridesmaids, click below to ask for accessorizing help...


Here is the bridesmaid jewelry my brides give as gifts...


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