Are Statement Necklaces Good Wedding Necklaces?


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Are you thinking about wearing a statement necklace, but not sure if you can pull it off?

I get a lot of questions about wedding necklaces, more specifically statement necklaces...a lot of brides are not sure if they can "pull it off" or if "it'll be too much". I love it when I get asked this question! Here's what I think about statement necklaces...

Wedding necklaces can be a little tricky, I know from my own wedding. I initially chose the most dainty necklace because I was afraid of taking away from my beautiful lace wedding dress. Well, as time went on I started to second guess my wedding necklace because honestly, it just didn't make me look or feel special! After months of testing out different styles, I finally went for it, I decided to wear a statement necklace and I'm so glad I did! I felt so beautiful on my wedding day wearing a dress and jewelry that really reflected my personal style. Looking back at my pictures I'm so happy I didn't wear that dainty thing!

Here is a jewelry set I would suggest for a bride who wants to wear a statement necklace, but is a little unsure about it. You may notice all of my designs use pearls, that's because to me pearls are the perfect wedding accessory, they are the ultimate sign of timeless elegance. 


This jewelry set is timeless and sophisticated, but still has a modern and stylish feel. This particular necklace is one of my smaller statement necklaces which is perfect for the bride who wants more than just a single strand of pearls, but maybe isn't comfortable in a bulkier piece. Now this bracelet...if you're still unsure about the necklace, then your bracelet is the perfect place to be a little more daring. Trust me, from experience, you really can not go wrong with a big, chunky bracelet! Personally I love how this looks in wedding photos, you'll actually be able to see it, unlike a single strand bracelet which just gets lost. These short, dangle earrings are the perfect finishing touch. They were designed to be worn with a necklace because, not wearing earrings isn't an option and, a simple stud just wouldn't be enough.



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