Feeling Pressured To Make Your Wedding Day Perfect?


My wish is for you to feel like the confidently beautiful bride you naturally are and to stop stressing over perfection

Are you feeling pressured to make your wedding day perfect?

Well...I'm giving you permission...stop trying to make it perfect, a beautiful thing is never perfect! My wish is for you to feel like the confidently beautiful bride you naturally are and to stop stressing over perfection.

I vividly remember those sleepless nights as I painstakingly tried to make every last detail perfect for my wedding day. We're talking about making sure my nails were the perfect length, my hair was the perfect length, my teeth were the perfect white, my dress was the perfect fit, my jewelry was the perfect match...the list goes on! I was so focused on perfection that I forgot about how I wanted to feel on my wedding day...

Looking back, I didn't actually want to be perfect, I wanted to be timeless, sophisticated and beautiful. I really needed to take a deep breath and a step back. Sure, the little details of the day made me feel beautiful, but I needed to let myself be beautiful instead of stressed over perfection!

That's my extra advice for this week, stop stressing over perfection. Because darling, a beautiful thing is never perfect! Let yourself feel like the confidently beautiful bride you naturally are.

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