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Looking and feeling your best on your wedding day requires some planning ahead. If you are newly engaged, now is the time to be thinking about your hair, skin, teeth and overall fitness. Here are a few simple bridal beauty tips for brides...

Wedding Planning / Bridal Beauty / Tips for brides...

Simple beauty tips for brides...


Think about your hair color and length. As the bride, how do you want your hair to look on your wedding day? Have you dyed your hair blonde, but want to go back to your natural color? Start your transition now! If you have short hair and love a fancy bridal up-do, start growing your hair out. If you have thin or short hair that just won't grow, consider hair extensions. I definitely recommend doing a trial with your wedding hairstylist to make sure you actually like how they look. 


If the thought of acne on your wedding day freaks you out, now is the time to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Treating acne or other skin blemishes takes several months and usually involves prescription cream and medication. Tackling this problem early will ensure you don't have a reaction to any of these on your wedding day. Professional makeup artists recommend you don't change beauty products within four weeks of your wedding and hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water. Lastly, avoid dark circles by getting enough sleep!

Your Smile

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As the bride you can bet you'll be doing a lot of smiling on your wedding day! Are your pearly whites in tip-top shape? Schedule that dreaded appointment with your dentist to talk about straightening and whitening your teeth. 

Tan Lines

If you're wearing a strapless wedding dress these are one thing you probably don't want. This also goes for your bridesmaids.To prevent the dreaded tan lines, lather up with a high number SPF and wear shirts with a similar neckline to your wedding dress (this way your wedding dress will cover any tan lines that pop up ). If all else fails, your professional makeup artist should be able to help!

Your Body

Take care of your body, don't try any of those crash diets just to squeeze into your wedding dress. If you are wanting to tone, tighten or slim-down I suggest hiring a personal trainer so you can meet your goals in a healthy manor. Give yourself a minimum of 8 weeks before your wedding day to see noticeable changes in your body. 

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korie -
korie -

June 15, 2014

Great Tips! The better prepared brides are the smoother their wedding day will go – that includes all beauty preparations.

Jenny Does Weddings
Jenny Does Weddings

June 11, 2014

Love the emphasis on avoiding crash dieting and instead focusing on a toned healthy body. So important. Happy body, happy mind, happy marriage :)

Brittany Townsley
Brittany Townsley

June 11, 2014

Super great tips!! I will be putting these to use for sure!! Thank you girl! :)

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