The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Wedding


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Benefit #1 // Natural Beauty

Are you getting married in a city or state that has breath-taking, natural beauty? Beautiful outdoor wedding settings include the lake or beach, by the mountains, a city roof top...just to name a few. An outdoor wedding venue located in a naturally beautiful setting means less time, money and stress worrying about your wedding decorations. Have you traveled to New England? If so, you understand what I mean about natural beauty. Even after having spent 10ish years living in Vermont, I'm still in awe over the sights, nothing can compare! Of the weddings I have attended in Vermont,  I honestly can not recalling the overall wedding décor, however I vividly remember the view of the lake and mountains! If you’re looking to save yourself the hassle of picking out and planning wedding decorations, an outdoor wedding in a naturally beautiful location is a perfect option for you.

Benefit #2 // Freedom

By having an outdoor wedding your guests will have more space to roam. Not being confined to one room gives your wedding guests the freedom to step away without actually being away. When planning your outdoor wedding, set up a comfortable lounge space separate from the main area where your wedding reception is going on. Guests who are looking to step away will flock to this spot. By you defining an area it ensures your guests don't go too far.

Benefit #3 // Can you say s'mores?

A really fun idea for your outdoor wedding is to host a late night bonfire. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a campfire. My Texas friends think my husband and I are nuts, but we regularly host a bonfire, even on the hot, humid nights here in Houston. Keep your wedding celebration going around a fire and while you’re at it cook up some s’mores! 

Benefit #4 // Sit Back and Relax

In my opinion, outdoor weddings have a more casual feel. Not that you can’t relax at an indoor wedding or formalize an outdoor one...there is just something about being outside. Something about the fresh, warm evening air, it just soothes the soul! 

Benefit #5 // Personal Touches

A lot of outdoor wedding venues use a large white tent, the perfect blank slate to add your personal touch! Fabric, flowers and lighting are great ways to personalize your outdoor wedding. The benefit of the big white tent, you won't have to compete with that hideous, cliche ballroom rug (you know what I'm talking about)!

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