Benefits of Choosing An Indoor Wedding Venue


Before selecting you wedding venue you will need to have some idea of what date you want for your wedding. If you haven’t already, check out my advice on picking a wedding date.

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Now that you are looking at different wedding venue options, try not to panic! This can be a daunting and time consuming task. Start by narrowing down your options, do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding? I’m going to take you through the benefits of both, hopefully to make your decision a little easier! Keep in mind the wedding venue you end up selecting has a pretty big impact of the overall look and feel of your day. Here are the benefits of choosing an indoor wedding venue.

Save yourself from the Elements

Number one benefit of choosing an indoor wedding venue, not having to stress about weather! An indoor wedding venue provides shelter from all the elements; rain, snow and even heat. If you stress easily or don’t like the unknown, an indoor wedding venue is a great choice for you.

When planning my wedding, just knowing it COULD rain on my wedding day sent my anxiety straight through the roof. Even though all of the outdoor wedding venues I looked at had an indoor option, “plan B” they called it…a tiny, poorly decorated room that cost a whole lot of money. I knew I could not handle actually having to active “plan B” on my wedding day, so for me choosing an indoor wedding venue was the obvious choice.

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Gone With The Wind

Another element you are protected from is wind. Feel free to let your hair down, being indoors you won’t have to worry about your beautiful bridal hair style blowing around in your face. How annoying is it when your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss?! Your decorations and table settings are also protected from any wind by choosing an indoor wedding venue.

Save Your Shoes

If you plan to wear heels on your wedding day, you won’t have to worry about them sinking into the ground. Having a smooth, flat surface to walk and stand on is also nice for your guests. There is nothing I hate more than standing around at cocktail hour and my heel getting stuck in the mud.  Sure, they now have those funny looking dics you can attach onto your heel to reduce your sink-age, I haven’t tried them but I’m not convinced this completely solves the problem. 

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Pending where you are located, there are more options for indoor wedding venues. There are also a variety of styles and themes available. When planning my Buffalo, NY wedding (yes, Buffalo…) I found a wide range of indoor wedding venues, each with distinct qualities and flair. Options for an indoor wedding range from ballroom, museum, brewery, hotel, castle, country club…you get the point. I had considered an outdoor wedding, but felt very limited by the options. If I wanted an outdoor wedding it was either in a barn or in a tent…this just wasn't unique enough for what I was going for. Now, if you live in an area that caters to more of an outdoor lifestyle, I would image there are far more options.

Stay tuned, next up I’ll explore the benefits of having an outdoor wedding! Are you getting married indoors? What is it about your venue that made you say yes?

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