What You Should Know About Your Wedding Shoes


Thinking about wedding heels? 7 tips on wedding shoes...

When it comes to your wedding shoes, are you feeling torn between style and comfort? I know I struggled with this! To save yourself a few headaches or should I say foot aches, here is what you should know about your wedding shoes...


I'd start looking as soon as you find your dress, but not before because you just never know what style wedding dress you'll actually end up with. You will need your bridal shoes to have your dress tailored so once you find your gown, start shoe shopping! Seriously, for me, finding the perfect shoe takes forever! 


I know what you're thinking...I can handle those 4 inch wedding heels, right? Wrong! This may seem like a good idea now, but after all the walking, standing and dancing you're feet are going to be screaming! Trust me, I was that girl who wore 4.5 inch wedding heels. I thought I'd be fine and would just change into different shoes for the reception. The problem, it was too late. My feet were killing me by the time I made it to the church and the ceremony had not even started yet! And just to clarify, I'm no rookie when it comes to wearing heels, but I totally under estimated just how much time I would be on my feet.


This may seem silly, but if your finace is not much taller than you, then you may want to op for the shorter wedding heels. Just sayin'. 


See if you can get your hands on a color swatch of your dress. Matching the color of your wedding shoes and dress is harder than you think. Just because something is called ivory doesn't mean they will actually match. You could have your shoes dyed to guarantee an exact match or what about being a little different and wear colored shoes? I love the idea of an unexpected, little secret hidden under the dress. 


Remember, your wedding shoes are not just for looks! You actually have to walk in them and that includes down the aisle where all eyes will be on you! Before you buy your shoes take a look at the aisle. If you're getting married on the beach do you really think you can gracefully walk in those high heels? Even if you are getting married indoors, some floors are not flat! The church I was married in was ancient, the floor was slate title and completely uneven...and you thought my sore feet were the worst of my problems?! 

Back Up Plan

Purchase a second set of bridal shoes that are more comfortable, just in case. Even if your first pair seems comfortable enough, you just never know how the day is going to go and you will want an option if your feet do start to hurt or blister. 

Extra Advice

To prevent blisters and soreness on your wedding day, break in your wedding heels by wearing them around the house.


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