Wedding Veil Lengths: How To Pick A Wedding Veil


Once you have decided on your wedding dress the next step is to pick out a veil. That is if you even plan to wear one? Let's say you will wear a wedding veil, but you don't know what style will work best for your overall wedding day look.

Tip- keep in mind the length of your veil and where it falls will highlight certain aspects of you and your wedding dress. To make sure you pick the right wedding veil, here is what your need to know about the different veil lengths.

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Birdcage Veil

Usually made of netting, a birdcage veil is the shortest option. This style veil is worn over your eyes and usually falls right around your nose. A birdcage veil is particularly popular with brides who want a vintage wedding day look.

Shoulder Length Veil

A shoulder length veil will fall right at your shoulders. Depending on where you fasten the veil in your hair, it may even cover the top of your shoulders. This length veil is more commonly seen worn for a girls communion. 

Elbow Length Veil

An elbow length veil will reach down to your elbows or waist. If you were born on the shorter side, an elbow length veil may actually fit you more like a fingertip veil so be careful if you plan to order online. Since the elbow length veil can be worn over your shoulders, it is a great alternative to bulky shrugs or boleros.   

Fingertip Length Veil

Just as it sounds, a fingertip length veil will fall to your fingertips when your arms are extended straight down. This style veil will fall below your waist. The fingertip veil is a popular choice among brides these days for the simple reason it allows the back of your dress to be shown off. 

Waltz Length Veil

The waltz length veil falls right around your knees, about 8-12 inches from the floor. A waltz length veil is a good option if you are wanting a long veil and plan to keep it on through your reception. Since it is away from the floor you won't have to worry about tripping over your veil or worst yet other people stepping on it. 

Chapel Length Veil

Not to be confused with a cathedral length veil, the chapel length will fall right at your ankles. Sometimes you may see this veil extending a few inches past the bottom of a wedding dress, but traditionally it is worn to match the exact length of your dress.

Cathedral Length Veil

A cathedral length veil can be up to 120 inches long! This veil will extend past your dress giving you an added train. This is a great option if you wanted a train, but your dream dress didn't have one. This style wedding veil is usually transparent which allows the beautiful detail of your dress to still show.

Royal Length Veil

Last but certainly not least, the royal length veil is over 120 inches long. This is your Princess Diana look... A royal length veil is not exactly realistic, unless of course you are royalty or just wanting the most dramatic affect!



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