The First Task On Your Wedding Checklist, Pick A Wedding Date


First up on your wedding checklist is picking a wedding date. Choosing a wedding date is one of the very first decisions you'll make as an engagement couple and it's big one! Not to scare you or anything, but the wedding date you pick impacts every other wedding plan you make from here on out.

5 Tips For Picking A Wedding Date...

The first task on your wedding checklist, pick a wedding date! 

Here are 5 tips on choosing a wedding date...

1- Weather: Are you a warm weather person or do you love the cold? Each season is unique and will have an affect on your wedding day, be it sun, snow or rain. Sit down with your finace and figure out what each of you envision for your wedding day. Say you want an outdoor wedding, but he refuses to wear a suit in one hundred degree weather...sounds like Spring is a good time of year for you to get married. Narrow down the months based on each of your likes and dislikes.  

2- Budget: You probably have not set your actual wedding budget yet, but if you know you will be pinching pennies to pull this off then consider a less traditional wedding date. If you're planning a budget avoid June, August and September since these are some of  the most popular months to get married. Another way to save some money is to pick a non-traditional day of the week for your wedding. Everyone and their brother gets married on Saturday, so why not get married on Sunday? Most wedding vendors will offer a discount for their services when your wedding is on a day they usually have nothing else booked. Some venues will offer discounts for Friday weddings, but with this becoming a more popular option your best best is to completely avoid a Friday and Saturday wedding.

3- Special Dates: Is there a date that has meaning in your relationship? How cool would it be to get married on the date you met your fiance or on the wedding anniversary of your grandparents. You may not be able to get the exact date, but setting a wedding date close to a meaningful date makes for a great story and it's so romantic! What about a number that holds significance? My husband loves the number 24 and wanted to be married on this date. Once engaged, we flipped through the calendar looking for a weekend that had the number 24. Since there were only a few weekends that met our criteria, our decision suddenly became much easier! 

4- Prior Commitments: Consider all of the important dates in your life and make sure you're not adding another to a time that is already busy. In my family everything seems to happen in March. With this in mind I knew I did not want another thing to celebrate in March, or anywhere near March for that matter. Also, consider your VIP guests (mom, dad, grandparents, best friend etc), if you absolutely want them at your wedding make sure you set a wedding date they are actually free!

5- Holidays: Take it or leave it, either the idea of a holiday wedding excites you or totally turns you off. The benefits to a holiday wedding...most holidays come with an extra day off of work and your wedding venue will probably have done some decorating of their own. The down side to this is your guests may not want to spend their extra time off traveling for your wedding and those decorations the venue put up may not be up to your standards. 

And when all else fails...flip a coin?! 


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