Add Color To Your Wedding // How to Personalize Your Wedding


9 ways to personalize your wedding by adding color

As a bride you want your wedding day to be memorable and unique and an easy way to achieve this is by adding unexpected pops of color. Here are 9 ways to personalize your wedding by adding color....

Belt or Sash

Turn any wedding dress into your wedding dress by adding a colored belt.

Hair Accessories

Use flowers (real or fake), ribbons or clips to add color to your wedding. Personalize your wedding by having your bridesmaids wear a hair accessory in your wedding colors and talk to your florist about a custom floral crown for yourself. If a floral crown is too much, take a few loose flowers and tuck them into your up-do. 


A colored shawl is a great way to add color to your wedding and it provides warmth.This is not only an easy way to personalize your wedding, a shawl is a great bridesmaid gift and can be used after your wedding. Your bridesmaids will love these, especially if it will be cooler during your wedding. Don't forget about yourself, a shall would look adorable over your wedding dress!


What a great excuse to buy those designer heels you have been eying ;) I wore white Badgley Mischka's during my wedding ceremony and changed into hot pink, Kate Spade, kitten heels for the reception. Not only were these more comfortable, but also a fun way for me to add color to my wedding day look.


These days statement necklaces are a must for everyday wear, but what about for your wedding? Consider wearing a statement necklace to add color to your wedding day look. Not that bold? Have your bridesmaids wear the statement necklace or change your wedding jewelry after your ceremony. Find a statement piece in your wedding colors and rock it at your reception!


I know what you're thinking, how are flowers a way to personalize my wedding when everyone uses them? Get creative with your bouquets and centerpieces. Wedding flowers are an easy way to add color and personalize your day so don't overlook this! 


For the groom and groomsmen, patterned or bright colored socks are an easy way to personalize your wedding. These add color to your wedding day look, make great groomsmen gifts and provide a fun photo op!

Tie or Bowtie

Think beyond the boring pre-tied ties from the rental shop and find a tie with some personality! 


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