Getting In Shape By Developing Wedding Workout Routines

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7 tips to help you develop wedding workout routines...

Tip 1: Start Early
One thing I’m big on with all my clients is setting realistic expectations and healthy goals. The earlier you can start a wedding workout, the better. Unfortunately, infomercials and celebrity diets give us the false idea that we can achieve dramatic weight-loss results in a short period of time. The truth is, healthy weight-loss that combines healthy eating habits with exercise allows you to lose an average of 0.5-2lbs a week. If you have a weight loss goal, you can use this range as a guideline figure out when you should start and what results you can realistically expect. Even if you don’t have a weight-loss goal, you’ll want to give yourself a minimum of 8 weeks before the big day to see noticeable results. I usually recommend a minimum of 12 weeks before the start date for my brides. The sooner you can make your routine a habit, the sooner you’ll see results!

Tip 2: Work Out Where You’re Most Motivated
Only you know if you’re more motivated when working out more in the park, at home, or at the gym. If you’re not going to do any of those fitness DVDs you have at home, make a different plan (and maybe donate them to a friend who does enjoy home workouts). Be honest with yourself so you’re able to make your workout routines a habit and therefore something you're more likely to stick with for more than one week. If you know you want to join a gym, try to get a free pass first. See if you like the classes and if you’re able to use the equipment. The best gym for you will be one that is closest to your daily travel route! It’s easy to say you’re too tired to go to the gym if you’re going to be stuck in traffic to get there. Plus, who wants to sit in traffic when you can pick out your wedding colors? Not one bride I have ever met.

Tip 3: Schedule Your Workouts
You are going to be SO busy the next few months, if you don't schedule your wedding workout they’re likely to be cut from your schedule. This is a great practice to get into now so that you can keep up with your routine after the wedding, too!

Tip 4: Schedule Smart
Even though I’m a runner and love it, the truth is that you really need to incorporate strength training into your fitness routine for the most efficient results. This means that if you can only do one workout a week; make sure it includes some resistance training! Of course, you’ll want to strive for more than workout session a week. Aim for 5 days as a goal with 3 days for cardiovascular fitness and two for strength training. You’ll need your strength training sessions spaced apart by one day, but can combine strength and cardio days. Cardiovascular fitness sessions can be anything you enjoy that gets your heart pumping for 30 minutes. To really get great results fast, try to get in one interval training workout a week. Tabata style boot-camp sessions are one of the more popular workout routines. Limit this shorter, but more intense session to once a week to prevent over-training and injury.

Tip 5: Focus on your whole body during strength training
Most of my brides want to tone up their arms and back for their dresses. While I will have them complete strength training moves to target these areas, the truth is you can’t “spot reduce.” If you want to have awesome arms, your wedding workout needs to get your whole metabolism up through cardiovascular exercise and overall strength training to see results. So even though dips and triceps kickbacks are awesome for toning the backs of your arms, so are squats and sprints! Squats (and other leg muscle focused exercises) require more energy and will have your body burning a lot more calories and fat after your workout than your smaller arm muscles. Don’t cheat yourself by just working on your triceps if you want them to look tightened and toned in your wedding dress.

Tip 6: Ask for help
If you’re new to fitness, ask for help with your workout routines! A personal trainer can help you design an effective program and teach you how to properly and safely perform exercises. You don’t need to buy hundreds of sessions either. While I do change most of my clients’ routines each workout, you can perform the same weekly routine for a month before you need to change things up. Another reason to hire a trainer at this time? Learning how to get healthy before your wedding is one of the best ways to ensure that you continue your routine for life (there’s science behind this, but we won’t get into that here!).

Tip 7: Keep Your Stress Levels Down
Stress can wreak havoc on anyone’s overall health, but it can be especially difficult for us women who tend to be more prone to emotional eating. In addition to that, when you’re stressed you release hormones that can prevent your fitness habits from having an impact. Think about hiring a wedding planner or taking other steps to keep your stress levels down during this busy time!

Guest post from Catherine Basu, an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Fit Armadillo.Catherine is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of Fit Armadillo the fitness company that allows you to enjoy fitness at your place and your pace.  Sessions are offered at client locations in Houston, TX or online through individual and group program options. Catherine loves working with brides to help them feel their most beautiful and confident on their big days. To learn more or to set up your complimentary consultation, visit her website:


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Brittany Townsley
Brittany Townsley

April 15, 2014

Oh my gosh yes!! I need this!! I just got engaged last month and because of the long cold winter we have had, I may or may not have put on 10 lbs. I refuse to try on wedding dresses until I’m back to my normal weight and these are some great tips not only to get wedding ready but to get wedding dress trying on ready! :) Thank you girl!!

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