3 Engagement Gift Ideas

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So, your best friend just announced she is engaged, now what? You want to give her something special, but you’re not really sure what would be a good engagement gift. Here are 3 ideas…

1. Bridal Magazines-how perfect! Your newly engaged friend will not only love these, but they are practical. Something see is sure to use over the next year as she plans her wedding. Most likely she will save them and pass them along to you once you're engaged, bonus!

2. Bottle of Wine or Champs- time to celebrate! Try and put a little thought into your selection. How about a bottle from the year she started dating her finance or one that you know is her favorite and she will truly enjoy. Basically, don’t just buy it because it’s on sale! Tell her why you wanted to give her this particular bottle, she will appreciate it.

3. Custom Jewelry- a memento of your friendship and her engagement! Your BFF has a lot of special events coming up; her engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal and so on. What a perfect time to wear the jewelry you gave her! Not only will she look gorgeous in it, but she will always think of you. After her wedding is over, she will be reminded of all the special events she wore this to. What a unique way honor this magical time in her life! A pearl bracelet or real pearl earrings are a generous gift, without breaking the bank.

Which gift would you enjoy most?


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April 14, 2014

Amanda, Three perfect gift options, which any bride-to-be would be over joyed to receive! All are easy, quickly turned around and without a doubt special.
Cannot wait to subscribe!


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