How To Announce You're Engaged


Drama free way to announce your engagement

To properly announce your engagement you should tell those closest to you first...

Parents: If you live close enough pay them a visit. Both of you should go when you are announcing your engagement. If you live far away from your parents, give them a call or even better, face-time with them. Your mom is going to want to see your engagement ring!

Siblings, Grandparents and other close family: Tell any family member that would be upset by not hearing this news from you. Your parents can tell those family members you are not so close to.

Best friends: The same goes for your friends, who would be upset if they found out on Facebook that you are engaged? Tell these friends now. Call, text, email…whichever way you communicate with your friends is fine. Just make sure you personally tell them! 

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Co-workers: Odds are they will notice your shiny new ring so you actually won’t have to do any announcing. If they don’t notice, simply tell the co-workers you are closest to. Office gossip will take care of the rest!

The rest of the world: Now you are ready to shout it from the roof tops! Share the news however you want. Social media is the fastest way or if you are more traditional place an announcement in your local newspaper.

Maybe you don’t want to share it with the world? That’s ok too, just as long as the people most important in your life have heard it from you, the rest really doesn't matter.

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