How To Not Be Disappointed By Your Engagement Pictures

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Click for 7 ways to make sure you love your engagement photos...

There is nothing more disappointing than getting your engagement pictures back and hating how they turned out, what a terrible way to start your wedding planning! Here are 7 ways to make sure this doesn't happen...

Click for 7 ways to make sure you love your engagement photos

1- Plan ahead: If you're planning to incorporate your engagement pictures into the wedding, make sure you have your session done early. I love the idea of using these pictures in a save the date, but if you want to do this you'll need schedule your engagement session at least 6-8 months in advance. Leaving yourself extra time since there is a good chance your photographer will take several weeks to get your pictures back to you.

2- What to wear: Wear something comfortable and “you”. If you know what your wedding colors are, incorporate them into your engagement pictures. Most couples will wear two or three different outfits during their engagement session. Think formal, casual and fun. Wear a dress to be more formal, your favorite jeans and shirt to be casual and incorporate props for some fun. Coordinate what you and your fiancé are wearing for your engagement pictures so you don’t end up clashing. Try your outfits on several weeks ahead of time so if your dress doesn't fit or look how you imaged, you still have time for plan B!

7 Tips for better engagement pictures // Engagement Photography Ideas // Couples Poses // Click for tips...

3- Accessories: Don’t forget to accessorize! Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? What about that pearl necklace your fiancé gave you? Wear these special accessories for your engagement pictures. My absolute favorite idea is to have a custom piece of jewelry made to wear for your engagement pictures, then wear it again on your wedding day! 

4- Hair/Makeup/Nails: Wedding planning can be a long and stressful process, now is a great time to treat yourself to a day of pampering. This is a perfect opportunity to try that salon you were thinking about using for your wedding day. I’m not saying to get an up-do; simply have your hair professionally styled so you look natural and radiant. Same goes for your makeup. For your nails, since these are engagement pictures, odds are there will be several close up shots of your hands...sounds like the perfect excuse for a manicure! 

7 Tips for better engagement pictures // Engagement Photography Ideas // Couples Poses // Click for tips...

5- Props and Locations: Have fun with this! Go to your favorite coffee shop, the park where he proposed, or the restaurant you had your first date. Go to a place that has meaning in your relationship and don’t forget the props! This can be a guitar because you love to play, or a camera because he is a photographer. For more casual engagement pictures, wear your favorite team jersey because you both love going to the game. You can even go as far as renting vintage furniture and staging a picnic (I personally love this idea). The options are endless and by putting extra thought into your engagement pictures you will be that much happier with how they turn out!

6- The Bling: Being that this entire session is happening because you are engaged, make sure your engagement ring is in tip-top shape. Get your ring cleaned so it sparkles as bright as the day you got it!

7- Be prepared: Do your research before booking your photographer. Some photographers offer wedding packages which include engagement sessions. In my opinion, an engagement session is a great way to get to know your wedding photographer, but just make sure they are talented enough to actually do both. Great ways to be sure; ask your friends for referrals and check out the photographer’s portfolio. Take a good look at the poses, locations, lighting and overall mood. Make sure the feeling you get is exactly how you want to feel about your engagement pictures.

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Jenna @ Crazy Healthy Fit
Jenna @ Crazy Healthy Fit

April 14, 2014

Our engagement session was the perfect way to get to know our wedding photographer. We had 2 engagement sessions and they both came with our wedding package. We had outfit changes, stopped for a drink and some lunch along the way, and ended one of the nights with frozen yogurt! It was so much fun – even for my (now) husband, who was dreading the whole thing from the start. I agree that everyone should do their research regarding a photographer – it really makes a huge difference when you find that perfect man or woman who is personable and understands your desires.!!

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