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It’s never too early to dream about your engagement ring!  Come on, who hasn't started a “wedding” board on Pinterest, tried on a friend’s engagement ring, or slowed down as you walked by Tiffany's engagement ring display, just to drop a few hints? Keep reading for 3 tips on how to find your dream engagement ring...

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Are you planning to pick out your engagement ring with your partner or are you more traditional and want your engagement ring to be a surprise? Either way, dropping a few hints here and there to ensure you get exactly what you want isn't going to hurt. Your engagement ring is something you will wear for the REST of your life, here are 3 tips to find your dream engagement ring...

#1 Style: Are you modern or traditional, flashy or modest? The more modern and trending engagement ring style is the halo engagement ring. As far as being flashy or modest, I'm a flashy kind of girl who likes bling. My best-friend on the other hand is modest and could care less about a diamond engagement ring. When you are thinking about an engagement ring, try to clearly define your preferred style is. If you're dropping hints trying something like, “Oh, wow her ring is really beautiful with all of that detail around the stone” or “I don’t like that at all, I think it’s too big”. 

#2 Profession: Do you use your hands at work? Do they get dirty? Can you really wear that big diamond engagement ring and still do your job? If you are a nurse, what would it be like to put gloves over your engagement ring a hundred times each day? Is your glove going to rip each and every time, because that would be pretty annoying! On the other hand, if you work in an office then you don’t have to worry about gloves and germs and bodily fluids getting suck on your ring. Either way, imagine your day and what it will be like with your dream engagement ring on your finger.

#3 Budget: Sorry ladies, but there probably is a budget which means you may have to compromise on your engagement ring. Thinking about the 4 C’s of a diamond; color, cut, clarity and carat, which one is most important in your engagement ring? Something I learned, a good diamond engagement ring is expensive...I mean REALLY expensive! So you're not disappointed by your engagement ring just remember there is a budget and what's most important is your marriage...not your engagement ring! 

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