Find Out How To Plan A Wedding With Our Bride's Wedding Planning Timeline


Bride's Wedding Planning Timeline
A quick and easy quide to make sure you will walk down the aisle as a confident and beautiful bride...

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10 Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas


How to ask bridesmaids

So you've figured out who you want to be your bridesmaid and maid of honor, but now you're stuck on how to ask. Perfect! Asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding is easy and fun with these 'will you be my bridesmaid ideas'...

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What bridesmaid jewelry goes with halter bridesmaid dresses?


The types of bridesmaid jewelry that goes with halter bridesmaid dresses...

The jewelry your bridesmaid should wear with a halter dress...

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Should You Wear A Pearl Necklace With A Strapless Wedding Dress?


Should you wear a pearl necklace with a strapless wedding dress?

Should I wear a necklace with my strapless wedding dress? Read on for the answer to this common question... 

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How To Choose Bridesmaids


5 tips to on how to choose bridesmaids
Choosing bridesmaids is no easy task! Here are my 5 tips to on how to choose bridesmaids...

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Wedding Jewelry Advice- What You Need To Know About Wedding Necklaces


What you need to know about wedding necklaces...

Are you afraid your wedding necklace will take away from your wedding dress? Here's my advice on wedding necklaces...

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Getting In Shape By Developing Wedding Workout Routines

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7 tips to help you develop wedding workout routines...

7 tips to help you develop wedding workout routines...

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